One Water

From Our Friends at NACD:

Congratulations to all winners of the 2022 Poster Contest “Healthy Soil, Healthy Life.” View all winners on NACD’s Flickr

In 2023, NACD’s Stewardship Week will be focused on watersheds and the theme of “One Water.” The NACD provides curriculum to assist parents and teachers with the topic and to guide content for the annual stewardship theme and poster contest.

Click HERE to download the 2023 One Water curriculum guide, for free.

Click HERE to download the 2023 One Water Powerpoint presentation, for free.

The Rules

The Poster Contest is open to Colorado Conservation District’s fifth and/or sixth grade students, as of November 2023. The El Paso County Conservation District will judge all entries received by them, on or before the November 3, 2023 deadline; the top two entries will be submitted to compete at the annual Colorado Association of Conservation District (CACD) Annual Meeting, to be held in Colorado Springs during December, 2023.


  • The 2023 poster contest theme is: One Water.
  • Posters may be created with the following materials to create a flat poster, including but not limited to pencil, pen, marker, paint, colored pencil, crayon, charcoal, stencils, stickers, and poster paper.
  • Poster size must be 14″ x 22″.
  • THE 2023 STEWARDSHIP THEME “One Water” must be incorporated on the front side of each poster submission to be eligible for the state and national poster contest.
  • It is mandatory that all posters have a completed STATE & NATIONAL entry form attached to the back of the poster prior to entering at the CACD Annual Meeting. The forms must be signed by a parent in order to be eligible at the national level.
  • Each entry must have been evaluated and voted on by the conservation district prior to the state contest.
  • The district will photograph or scan and submit the top two poster entries as a .JPG or .PDF. Photographs must be clear and well framed.
  • The top two physical posters should be packaged so they remain flat when delivered to the conservation district and state for judging. If this is not possible, they should be placed in a tube. Posters cannot be folded.
  • All posters must be created by an individual student rather than a team of students. Each student should do their own work. The entry must be the student’s original creation and may not be traced from photograph or other artists’ published works.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Conservation message—50 percent (Poster uses correct theme)
  • Visual effectiveness—30 percent
  • Originality—10 percent
  • Universal appeal—10 percent


  • El Paso County Conservation District level prizes:
    • Students: First place TBD; second place TBD; and third place TBD.
    • If any of the entries from the El Paso County Conservation District win First or Second place at the CACD Annual Meeting, the Sponsoring Educator, Teacher, and/or School of that poster will receive: First Place TBD; second place TBD.
  • State level prizes: First place $100; second place $75; and third place $50.
  • National level prizes: First place $200; second place $150; and third place $100

May 2023: 2023 entry forms and more will be posted here shortly.