Our Leadership

We are managed by a board of supervisors who bring a wide range of knowledge concerning conservation and all share a passion for the wise use of our natural resources.

2023 EPCCD Board

Ken Barker, President
vacant, Vice President
Katie Miller, Secretary and Treasurer
Roger Rasner, Supervisor
Erica Carter, Supervisor
Billy Richard, Supervisor
Cassie Olgren, Supervisor

An Invitation

We invite you to come to a board meeting to see what we do. If you are interested in being instrumental in conservation issues and education in our county, please consider joining our board of supervisors. These folks are unpaid, elected officials and give of their time, knowledge, skills, and abilities in service to the community. We appreciate every one of our board members and the part they play in our District.

Our District Manager

Mariah Hudson serves as our Conservation District Manager (DM); she reports directly to the Board President or his designee. The DM is part-time employee with a flex-schedule. Visits to the office and appointments to talk with our staff for guidance, educational resources, planning, or collaboration meetings or for purchases should be made through the following widget: