Plants & Seeds

Harding Nursery Partnership

One of the relationships the El Paso County Conservation District has “cultivated” is with the great folks at Harding Nursery in Colorado Springs as well as Ellicott. Through their kindness and generosity, we’re able to sell conservation-wise evergreens, fruit and berry bushes, fruit trees, ornamental grasses, ornamental shrubs, perennials, roses, shade and ornamental trees, and vines with reduced prices and all proceeds funding our education programs and workshops to educate the community on conserving our natural resources.

**commodity prices can be unpredictable and prices on this list are subject to change**

How To Order:

  1. Download and print out this form (two pages). Or make an electronic copy of this Google sheet. Other versions coming soon.
  2. Complete shaded areas on the form including name, email, phone, and quantities of plants you want.
  3. If the form doesn’t already calculate your total, please add up your total including tax.
  4. Email a copy, scan, or (clear) picture of your order to us at or print a copy out and bring it with you.
  5. Visit to make an appointment to visit our office and pay for your plants.
  6. Bring cash (we can make change) or a check; credit card and online payment options coming soon!
  7. After receiving your payment, we will give you a paid certificate for you to take to Harding Nursery.
  8. Travel to Harding Nursery (about 2 miles away from our office) and present your paid certificate. Select and take home your plants. No money is due at Harding although you may pay on-site for additional plants; their billing folks will communicate the additions to us. And enjoy with our great thanks for supporting conservation and the EPCCD!
  9. Please be nice to the Harding folks.


information to be posted soon