Most available in #1 and #5 containers. Generally available: Boston Ivy, Engleman Ivy, English Ivy, Honeysuckle, Silverlace Vine, Trumpet Vine, Virginia Creeper, and Wisteria.


After your purchase is submitted online, we will confirm your electronic payment or contact you to arrange for a cash or check payment. After payment, we will electronically provide you with a paid certificate for you to take to Harding Nursery. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with a postal-mailed or in-person copy of the certificate. You can then visit Harding Nursery and present your paid certificate where you can select and take home your plants. No money will be due at Harding although you may pay on-site for additional plants; their billing folks will communicate the additions to us. Thank you for supporting the El Paso County Conservation District and our work to champion sustainable conservation and management of our finite, natural resources.

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Boston Ivy #1, Boston Ivy #5, Engleman Ivy #5, English Ivy #1, English Ivy #5, Honeysuckle #1, Honeysuckle #5, Silverlace Vine #1, Silverlace Vine #5, Tumpet Vine #1, Tumpet Vine #5, Virginia Creeper #1, Virginia Creeper #5, Wisteria #1, Wisteria #5