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Vines are garden problem solvers – they can camouflage an unattractive view, provide shade, take advantage of vertical space, or enhance an existing structure, all while contributing visual interest and texture to the garden. Vining plants added to the landscape now will establish this season and can return for many years to come.

—Roth, Kathy. 2021. “Wild about Natives: Native Vines.” Denver Gardeners. CSU Extension.


  • Caution should be used to understand the differences between Chinese clematis (Clematis orientalis) and Native clematis (Clematis ligusticifolia).
  • Non-natives and aggressive growers Silverlace Vine (Fallopia bald schuanica) and Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) are not available through this partnership.

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Boston Ivy, Clematis, English Ivy, Honeysuckle, Trumpet Vine, Wisteria


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